Magical coffee brand of caffeine!

A very special coffee blend prepared in Anatolia since 1600’s… Caffeine is augmenting hundred years of coffee taste with Arabica coffee beans roasted with wood fire and milled in stone. Caffeine takes taste to coffee and joy to your chit chats.


Our Story

We aimed to take our traditional coffees to their rightful places in Turkey and even in the World. Under this mission, we created Caffeine with our team who are specialized in advertising and marketing.
We used our marketing and FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) experience in order to make a famous and well-known Turkish coffee brand.


Traditional Turkish coffees underlie EuroAsia people’s nice conversations and they became the fundamentals of this culture. Now, it’s outgrown and doesn’t fit into this geography. Caffeine wants to offer this beautiful and delicious culture to the world. The main purpose is to introduce Turkish coffees to the first-timers with Caffeine quality!


Caffeine aims to set a business network in order to grow the family. With this huge family, the world will get to know Turkish coffees, and the partners will have a high-yield income channel.


Caffeine uses the most natural ingredients in all coffees without additives. All products are produced in modern facilities with the top quality and healthy materials.
The products reach the consumers in the very special packages that keep our coffees fresh.
Kahve İkramı
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